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Tic Tac Toe GameTic Tac Toe - Version of classic noughts and crosses, simple game of strategy.
Tetris GameTetris - Pile the blocks to fit them together filling each row completely before they reach the top.
PacMan GamePacman - Use the arrow keys to move, eat the dots avoid ghosts.
New PacMan GamePacMan 2005 - Same PacMan style game but with different backgrounds.
GameAngryBirds - Help the angrybirds knock down the building and free the pig.
Chess GameChess - Typical chess game, move your pieces against the computer.
Chess 3D GameChess 3D - Typical 3D chess game, move your pieces against the computer.
Backgammon GameBackgammon - Easy to use Backgammon game
Asteroids GameAsteroids - You float in space and shoot the asteroids.
Donkey Kong GameDonkey Kong - Rescue the Princess. Use the arrow keys to move and the spacebar to jump.
Space Invaders GameSpace Invaders - Save the world from an alien attack.
Shanghai Dynasty GameShanghai Dynasty (Mahjong) - You click on pairs of matching tiles if there is no tile on top of it.
Mahjong GameMahjong - You click on pairs of matching tiles if there is no tile on top of it.
Skeleton Park GameSkeleton Park - Run around the morgue picking up bones as a skeleton.
Shoot the Moon GameShoot the Moon - Hit the characters as they are mooning you to earn points.
Whack a Mole GameMole's Revenge - Whack the moles on the head if you dare.
Word Search GameWord Search - Find all the words before time runs out.
GameCrazy Crosswords - Crossword puzzle game that is crazy.
GameCrossword Puzzles - No clue crossword. 5 stages.
GameSudoku - A deceptively simple game of logic, Sudoku is puzzling players all over world.
Flash Solitaire GameSolitaire - A different twist to playing solitaire.
Bumper Jack GameBumper Jack - A cross between Blackjack and pinball.
Video Poker GameVideo Poker - Try your luck on our video poker game.
Slots GameSlot Machine - Las Vegas style slot machine, better odds than Vegas.
9ball GameBillards (9 Ball) - European type pool with 9 balls/Billards.
Tomato Bounce GameTomato Bounce - Free the tomatoes from the dreaded salad by bouncing them to safety.
Breakout GameBreakout - Keep the ball in play, watch out for multiple balls in action.
Bubble Bee GameBubble Bugs - Capture these bugs in your bubbles, the more you get the more points you earn.
Cat Vac GameCat-Vac Catapult - Rid the castle of these cats with your patented Cat Vac.
Chicken GameChicken Cross - Why did the chicken cross the road? Find out in this game.
Goobers GameGalactic Goobers - Watch out for Goop, these Space Invaders are mean and nasty.
Hangman GameHillbilly Hangman - Adding a little twist the game of hangman. Have Fun!
Grand Prix GameGrand Prix Challenge II - Racing simulation game features 3 tracks and great graphics.
Hyper Racing GameHyper Racing - Weave throught cars and obstacles in this exciting racing game.
Road Rampage GameRoad Rampage - Car game. Blast obstacles out of your way while collecting gold coins!
Ponky GamePonky Race Car - Ponky is a special car that can jump over any obstacle.
Bad Apple GameBad Apple - A minesweeper variation with some nice character animation.
GameCelebrity Simon - Repeat the pattern of zany celebrities.
GameSimon - Follow the pattern of lights and sounds.
GameCopy That - Similar to simon-only with a new pattern each turn.
GameCrazy Quiz - Quiz game, which includes fun little transition animations.
GamePearls before Swine II - Leave the last of the pearls for your opponent.
GamePearl Hunt - Addictive puzzle game. Shift the maze to collect pearls in the treasure chest.
GameMonster Poolside Sumo - Sumo wrestling game with monsters and located by the pool.
GameAnt Arena - Kill the other ants by attacking from behind. Avoid hitting their heads!
GameDuck Hunt - Shoot down the ducks but you can also shoot that annoying dog too.
GameLevers - Grab falling objects from water and place them on the hooks.
GameDogs Playing Poker - Play a round of poker with these dogs, all in? [Instructions]
GameEnviroBoarder - Complete your mission before your run out of time. [Instructions]
Pinball GamePinball - Classic pinball type game.
GamePolar Rescue - Guide the penguin through the tough tasks of the polar ice caps
Shuriken GameShuriken Challenge - Use your mouse to move the ninja and click to throw a shuriken.
Indy Jones GameIndiana Jones: In Odd World - Go through the maze and collect the ancient artifacts with Indy.
Super Mario GameSuper Mario - Collect the coins and get Mario to the princess.
Amaizeing Maze GameA-maize-ing Maze - Children's coloring book-style maze game.
Batman GameBatman: The Cobblebot Caper - Help Batman stop Penguin from robbing Gotham bank.
Batman 2 GameBatman: The Mystery of Batwoman - Rescue Batwoman from the clutches of the evil Penguin.
GameFace in the Crowd - Identify the face in the crowd.
GameMusic Match - A game to assist in learning to read music.
GameRival Orbs - Get the colored balls on the right side before time runs out.
GameHeart Break - Keep your heart from breaking.
GameSpot the Difference - Spot the difference game with multiple levels.
GameTic-Tac-Know - Tic-tac-toe style quiz game.
GameJigsaw Puzzle - Solve the jigsaw to find the image.
GameSwap a Smiley - Similar to the popular "Diamond Mine" game and includes a quiz option.
GameCalendar Game - Calendar testing game.
GameDeli Dasher - A food service game.
GameGeography Game - Click on the correct state or country.
GameHot Shots - A fun basketball-themed game. Make 10+ shots in a minute to go to next level.
GameLeap Froggie - Try to figure out the combination to get the frogs to the opposite sides.
GameBlob Lander - Get the keys to open the doors and collect energy to keep your ship charged.
GameDeath Star - Shoot your lasers to destroy the alien space ships before they get you.
GameMissile Madness - Help Bitzo avoid the the Galaxian Goobers as the shoot their missiles at him.
GameAttack of the Crackosaures - Shoot the alien ships before they get you.
GameSnowball Warrior - Snowballs are flying everywhere in this game.
GameSnowboard Challenge - Fast, watch out for trees, do some cool flying tricks in the air.
GamePGX Snowboarding - Cool snowboarding game, dude.
GameGift Grab - Very fast paced. Earn points by catching presents from Santa Claus.
GameMagic 8 Ball - Ask the Magic 8 Ball a question, and it knows the answer.
GameBattle Chess - The battle chess game.
GameCounty Fair Crack Shot - Hit the objects as the go back and forth.
GameHomerun Champion - Baseball hitting game.
GameHexxagon - Capture your opponents pieces, A board game of rubies vs. pearls.
GameMayan Mask Mayhem - It's like the reverse of tetris.
GamePolice and Robber - Catch the robber before he gets away.
GameTennis - Play tennis against the computer.
GameSliding Block - Get the RED block out of the puzzle.
GameMemory - Test your memory with this concentration type game.
GameMatch a Hottie - Match the hotties to reveal another hottie below.
GameMatch A Smiley - Match these silly faces to reveal some cool pics.
GameMars Encounter - Galactica style of space game.
GamePanda Golf II - If you enjoy golfing amd pandas you will love this game!
GamePaper Toss - Toss the paper in the trash can and win points.
GameLeopardy - Quiz game with multiple quiz or trivia categories. Earn and wager points.
GameMeasurement Mania - Educational interactive measurement quiz game.
GameNumber Challenge - Choose the least or the most.
GameShootout Spades - A game of tricks, try to win, it's a tough crowd at the table. [Instructions]
GameAir Hockey - Fun, fast paced addicting air hockey game. [Instructions]

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