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Headline News (July 19, 2019)

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   Searing heat grips much of the U.S. — with the worst still to come  -  NBC News
   Mueller hearings to highlight 'shocking evidence of criminal misconduct' by Trump, ...  -  NBC News
   U.S. Marines jam an Iranian drone in the Gulf, destroying it  -  NBC News
   'Send her back' chant blew the cover off Trump's conflation of race and country  -  NBC News
   Apollo 11: Behind the mission that made history  -  NBC News
   The 'Cats' trailer is freakishly weird. But then Jennifer Hudson sings.  -  NBC News
   Murderer released after being deemed too old to kill again, kills again  -  NBC News
   Greek capital, Athens, hit by earthquake  -  NBC News
   Illinois gas station worker fired after telling Latino customers 'ICE will come'  -  NBC News
   Tehran at odds over whether U.S. downed Iranian drone  -  Reuters
   Trump says U.S. is confident it shot down Iranian drone on Thursday  -  Reuters
   New border city added to program returning migrants to wait for U.S. hearings in ...  -  Reuters
   Second 2020 Democratic debate to feature Biden-Harris rematch  -  Reuters
   Iran dismisses Trump report that U.S. Navy downed 'provocative' drone  -  Reuters
   Iran TV says footage disproves U.S. report of downed drone  -  Reuters
   Massachusetts teens hailed for giving spare Red Sox ticket to homeless man  -  FOX News
   Toddler fighting for life after mistaking ecstasy for candy in Ibiza, report says  -  FOX News
   Mexican president denounces drug kingpin 'El Chapo' life sentence and 'inhumane' jail ...  -  FOX News
   'Bachelorette' star Hannah Brown opens up about being 'slut-shamed': 'We’ve got to ...  -  FOX News
   Ana Navarro unloads on 'self-righteous' hypocrite Marco Rubio for Trump 'chant' tweet  -  FOX News
   Ragu pasta sauces recalled over possible plastic in products  -  FOX News
   Company aims to make flying 'less miserable' with roomier design for middle seat, ...  -  FOX News
   UK car meet to end after rogue driver causes crash that injures 17  -  FOX News
   Arnon Mishkin: Trump vs. Omar, AOC, Pelosi – Here's what everyone's missing  -  FOX News
   Buzz Aldrin 'disappointed' in America's progress since Apollo 11: 'We have the No. 1 ...  -  FOX News
   SpaceX's Elon Musk says he can put a man on Mars in four years  -  CBS News
   Trump and Melania meet with Buzz Aldrin to remember moon landing — live updates  -  CBS News
   This week on "Sunday Morning" (July 21)  -  CBS News
   Group of friends give homeless man their extra ticket to Red Sox game  -  CBS News
   Preview: Elon Musk on SpaceX and a link to history  -  CBS News
   U.S. Treasury sanctions target senior Hezbollah operative  -  CBS News
   13 Philadelphia cops to be fired over racist Facebook posts  -  CBS News
   Worker fired for telling customers to "go back to their country"  -  CBS News
   Mitch Petrus, who won Super Bowl with Giants, dead at age 32  -  CBS News
   Tyreek Hill avoids NFL suspension in domestic violence case  -  CBS News
   Investigation into Japanese anime studio fire  -  CBS News

World News (July 19, 2019)

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   When is a German not a German? Identity re-emerges as a thorny issue  -  NBC News
   Bedbugs, bad food at Mexico migrant detention center  -  NBC News
   Merkel expresses 'solidarity' with liberal congresswomen attacked by Trump  -  NBC News
   Mexico president calls 'El Chapo' sentence inhumane, vows better society  -  NBC News
   Greek capital, Athens, hit by earthquake  -  NBC News
   Woman fined $106,000 and banned from airline for life after trying to open plane ...  -  NBC News
   Tehran at odds over whether U.S. downed Iranian drone  -  Reuters
   Venezuelan military officers: U.S. Treasury website  -  Reuters
   U.S. Treasury sanctions Hezbollah operative over 1994 Buenos Aires attack  -  Reuters
   Turkish soldier killed, six wounded in operation in Iraq's north  -  Reuters
   Algerian protesters return to streets for demand reforms  -  Reuters
   Spain's Podemos accepts key condition for coalition deal with Socialists  -  Reuters
   Kosovo's PM quits after being called to Hague war crimes court  -  Reuters
   Cuba, with one of highest inmate populations, pardons 2,604  -  Reuters
   Croatian parliament approves ministers appointed in cabinet reshuffle  -  Reuters
   Six missing after suspected Islamists attack aid convoy in northeast Nigeria  -  Reuters
   U.S. Treasury sanctions target senior Hezbollah operative  -  CBS News
   New survey reveals world's most admired woman  -  CBS News
   Possible motive revealed in studio arson attack that killed 33  -  CBS News
   Strong earthquake rocks Greek capital; buildings seriously damaged  -  CBS News
   Iran's foreign minister says it was minutes away from war with U.S. last month  -  CBS News
   Iran rejects Trump's claim U.S. destroyed an Iranian drone  -  CBS News
   Iran claims it has "not lost any drone"  -  CBS News
   U.S. warship destroys Iranian drone over Strait of Hormuz  -  CBS News
   33 killed in fire at animation studio in Japan  -  CBS News
   Mexican president denounces drug kingpin 'El Chapo' life sentence and 'inhumane' jail ...  -  FOX News
   UK car meet to end after rogue driver causes crash that injures 17  -  FOX News
   Gibraltar court OKs government request to continue detaining Iran tanker  -  FOX News
   Tired tiger takes cat nap inside family's living room while fleeing fatal floods in ...  -  FOX News
   Man accused of starting fire at Kyoto anime studio held grudge against company, ...  -  FOX News
   5.3 magnitude quake shakes Greek capital, sends residents to the streets in fear  -  FOX News
   Biggest Mafia bust in Ontario, Canada, nets 15 arrests, $33 million worth of homes ...  -  FOX News
   The week in pictures, July 13 - July 19  -  FOX News
   Iran denies claim that US warship destroyed Iranian drone  -  FOX News

National News (July 19, 2019)

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   Parents warned their children could be put in foster care over school lunch debt  -  NBC News
   Puerto Rico's protests, scandal? We explain.  -  NBC News
   ESPN's Dan Le Batard calls out Trump, network's no-politics policy  -  NBC News
   Murderer released after being deemed too old to kill again, kills again  -  NBC News
   Video catches man scaling quickly down 19-story Philadelphia high-rise during fire  -  NBC News
   Mexico president calls 'El Chapo' sentence inhumane, vows better society  -  NBC News
   U.S. scientist Suzanne Eaton raped, killed in Greece: Suspect identified  -  NBC News
   Hawaii telescope protesters don't back down after arrests  -  NBC News
   Mom, daughter accused of killing woman, cutting baby from womb face new charges  -  NBC News
   What does the future of space exploration hold?  -  NBC News
   U.S. prosecutors charge New York man with being Islamic State sniper  -  Reuters
   Heat wave broils eastern, central U.S., utilities poised for demand  -  Reuters
   New border city added to program returning migrants to wait for U.S. hearings in ...  -  Reuters
   Trump disavows 'send her back' rally chant, many Republicans alarmed  -  Reuters
   U.S. House Democrats to focus Mueller testimony on Trump's conduct  -  Reuters
   Trump's attacks on congresswomen could boost Biden campaign  -  Reuters
   Illinois man jailed for life over murder of Chinese graduate student  -  Reuters
   More Puerto Rico protests planned as governor resists calls to resign  -  Reuters
   Family of Chicago infant cut from mother's womb billed $300G for his - and suspected ...  -  FOX News
   DNA, genetic genealogy helps exonerate an innocent man of murder for first time  -  FOX News
   Nebraska woman calls for Spider-Man statue to be taken down over 'demonic' imagery, ...  -  FOX News
   Penn professor under fire after suggesting US better off with 'fewer nonwhites', ...  -  FOX News
   200M across US brace for record heatwave; NYC orders tall buildings to raise temps to ...  -  FOX News
   Convicted murderer, 77, deemed too old to be a threat, fatally stabbed woman in front ...  -  FOX News
   Remains of more than 20 American service members killed in bloody WWII battle return ...  -  FOX News
   National Weather Service bakes biscuits in a car  -  CBS News
   Group of friends give homeless man their extra ticket to Red Sox game  -  CBS News
   Trump and Melania meet with Buzz Aldrin to remember moon landing — live updates  -  CBS News
   U.S. Treasury sanctions target senior Hezbollah operative  -  CBS News
   Worker fired for telling customers to "go back to their country"  -  CBS News
   Tyreek Hill avoids NFL suspension in domestic violence case  -  CBS News
   How changing your spending habits can raise your credit score  -  CBS News
   Americans reflect on the pain of being told "go back to your country"  -  CBS News
   Mitch Petrus, who won Super Bowl with Giants, dead at age 32  -  CBS News
   Vote on 9/11 Victims Compensation Fund to be held Tuesday  -  CBS News
   Delaney disputes reports he's dropping presidential bid  -  CBS News

Business News (July 19, 2019)

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   Squeezed by Trump's visa changes, seasonal businesses say they face existential ...  -  NBC News
   In the hot seat: UPS delivery drivers at risk of heat-related illnesses  -  NBC News
   Subaru welding fail means brand-new cars need to be repaired or replaced  -  NBC News
   House passes $15 minimum wage bill  -  NBC News
   Court upholds 'Pharma Bro' Martin Shkreli's conviction  -  NBC News
   Life after liquidation: Toys R Us stores will be back for the holidays  -  NBC News
   Where on Earth to mark the 50th anniversary of the Apollo 11 moon landing  -  NBC News
   E.U. to investigate Amazon over possible anti-competitive practices  -  NBC News
   Elon Musk wants to hook your brain up directly to computers — starting next year  -  NBC News
   Shelf control? Largest textbook publisher is ditching books and going 'digital first'  -  NBC News
   AmEx warns of higher costs as it boosts rewards program, shares fall  -  Reuters
   Oil steadies as Middle East tensions counter demand worries, set for weekly fall  -  Reuters
   BMW picks insider Zipse as CEO to catch up with rivals  -  Reuters
   Jet Airways' lenders approve interim finance plan for the carrier  -  Reuters
   BlackRock profit misses estimates, hit by lower fees for lending stocks  -  Reuters
   Boeing takes $4.9 billion charge for prolonged grounding of 737 MAX planes  -  Reuters
   Worker fired for telling customers to "go back to their country"  -  CBS News
   Boeing says its costs from the 737 Max mount to $4.9 billion  -  CBS News
   Doorbell cams raise privacy fears and concerns about bias  -  CBS News
   Americans still think they can make money flipping houses  -  CBS News
   The real stars of "Stranger Things"? All those brand names  -  CBS News
   Why your house won't make you rich  -  CBS News
   Some FaceApp privacy concerns may be overblown  -  CBS News
   So you want to spend the night in a Wienermobile  -  CBS News
   Nike's Colin Kaepernick ad is nominated for an Emmy  -  CBS News
   Toys R Us return begins with baby steps: 2 new stores  -  CBS News
   Elizabeth Warren calls private equity firms "vampires"  -  CBS News
   Newspaper chains Gannett, GateHouse in merger talks: Report  -  FOX News
   Wall Street trades higher as rate cut expectations grow  -  FOX News
   Movers & Shakers: July 19, 2019  -  FOX News
   Anheuser-Busch InBev contemplating asset sales after Asia IPO is called off: report  -  FOX News
   Stocks rise on top Fed official call for quick rate cut  -  FOX News
   Movers & Shakers: July 18, 2019  -  FOX News
   Facebook's Libra is really a 'Zuck buck' says lawmaker  -  FOX News

Technology News (July 19, 2019)

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   ESPN's Dan Le Batard calls out Trump, network's no-politics policy  -  NBC News
   Now the hard part: Why Netflix's toughest days are still ahead  -  NBC News
   Area 51 raid becomes a joke, the U.S. Air Force issues a real warning  -  NBC News
   Why Netflix needs more hits to remain competitive  -  NBC News
   Netflix faces challenge in raising prices as growth slows  -  NBC News
   Photo editor FaceApp goes viral again, prompting security concerns  -  NBC News
   House committee members bash Facebook's Libra cryptocurrency plans  -  NBC News
   Apple announces 'disability-themed emojis' to arrive in the fall  -  NBC News
   UK delay on Huawei 5G decision harming ties, lawmakers say  -  Reuters
   Bullard sees cryptocurrencies shifting U.S. financial system  -  Reuters
   Italy's watchdog says single network controlled by TIM would be 'backward step'  -  Reuters
   Russian lawmakers propose making local software mandatory on smartphones  -  Reuters
   China's intelligence law looms over EU 5G safeguards: official  -  Reuters
   G7 urges tough Libra regulation, agrees to tax digital giants  -  Reuters
   Netflix sinks on subscriber losses, analysts still see growth  -  Reuters
   Toyota, China's BYD team up to develop battery EVs  -  Reuters
   Hurricane watches issued for parts of Louisiana  -  CBS News
   Unprecedented mission to save hundreds of South Africa's flamingos  -  CBS News
   Closed Mississippi beaches hitting local businesses' bottom line  -  CBS News
   Temperatures on the rise in Alaska  -  CBS News
   Experts warn earthquakes could cause billions in damage in Los Angeles  -  CBS News
   Anchorage hits 90 degrees as record-breaking heat wave hits Alaska  -  CBS News
   Is California ready for the "big one"?  -  CBS News
   Some California residents so rattled by big earthquakes they're sleeping outside  -  CBS News
   Alaska faces record-breaking heat  -  CBS News
   Southern California braces for more aftershocks after 7.1 magnitude earthquake  -  CBS News
   Instagram is seriously considering hiding likes, app's head reveals  -  CBS News
   Buzz Aldrin 'disappointed' in America's progress since Apollo 11: 'We have the No. 1 ...  -  FOX News
   Last US warship sunk by German sub during WWII discovered off Maine  -  FOX News
   Should we return to the Moon? Apollo astronauts give their thoughts  -  FOX News
   Here’s what we’ve left behind on the Moon  -  FOX News
   Biscuits start baking inside hot car in Nebraska as part of weather experiment  -  FOX News
   Apollo 11 astronaut Michael Collins disagrees with NASA's planned Moon return: 'We ...  -  FOX News
   India reschedules Moon mission for Monday  -  FOX News
   'Feisty' alligator in Oklahoma dies of 'severe reproductive infection,' zoo says  -  FOX News
   Grisly amputated limbs, French howitzer shell, discovered at Battle of Waterloo site  -  FOX News
   74 trillion tons of fake snow over Antarctic could 'save coastal cities' from climate ...  -  FOX News

Entertainment News (July 19, 2019)

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   "Cats" trailer unveils all-star cast as felines  -  CBS News
   Norah O'donnell tells Colbert the icon she wants to emulate  -  CBS News
   "Coach Drake": The story behind baseball's 6-year-old internet sensation  -  CBS News
   The real stars of "Stranger Things"? All those brand names  -  CBS News
   Tom Cruise reveals official "Top Gun: Maverick" trailer  -  CBS News
   Gwendoline Christie submitted herself for an Emmy nomination  -  CBS News
   Harry Styles to star in "The Little Mermaid," report says  -  CBS News
   Netflix sinks on subscriber losses, analysts still see growth  -  Reuters
   ITV, BBC to offer BritBox at 6 pounds per month in UK  -  Reuters
   Tom Cruise delights fans with first look at 'Top Gun: Maverick'  -  Reuters
   New 'Cats' movie trailer brings out the claws  -  Reuters
   'Wonderful Life' stage adaptation gets a little help from Paul McCartney  -  Reuters
   Pop culture hit 'Gossip Girl' gets a makeover for HBO Max  -  Reuters
   South African musician Johnny Clegg dead at 66  -  Reuters
   'Bachelorette' star Hannah Brown opens up about being 'slut-shamed': 'We’ve got to ...  -  FOX News
   Ana Navarro unloads on 'self-righteous' hypocrite Marco Rubio for Trump 'chant' tweet  -  FOX News
   Jessica Alba regrets her early tattoo, reveals she's having trouble getting it ...  -  FOX News
   Disney star Christie Carlson Romano recreates iconic 'Even Stevens' moon landing song ...  -  FOX News
   'Terminator' star Linda Hamilton discusses her 35-year relationship with Arnold ...  -  FOX News
   The Highwomen's Maren Morris, Brandi Carlile, Natalie Hemby and Amanda Shires debut ...  -  FOX News
   Margot Robbie revealed she's never seen any of the 'Star Wars' movies: 'It infuriates ...  -  FOX News
   Paulina Porizkova, 54, says she wants to share 'the truth' with makeup-free selfie  -  FOX News
   Sharon Stone talks her 'brutally unkind' treatment during stroke recovery, compares ...  -  FOX News
   Selma Blair shares hopeful message despite feeling ‘sicker’ from MS symptoms  -  NBC News
   'Property Brothers' sibling praises fiancée for caring for him during his illness  -  NBC News
   The 'Cats' movie trailer is here — get a 1st look  -  NBC News
   Trailer for 'Top Gun' sequel has landed — take a look  -  NBC News
   Khloe Kardashian 'too busy' raising True to hold hate for Tristan Thompson  -  NBC News
   You could stay in the windmill fantasy suite from 'The Bachelorette' — here's how  -  NBC News
   'Light of my world': See Nick Jonas' sweet birthday message to wife Priyanka  -  NBC News
   Hannah Brown says Luke P. drama has 'a silver lining'  -  NBC News
   'Beverly Hills, 90210' fans can now eat at a real-life Peach Pit restaurant  -  NBC News
   Couple who danced down aisle to 'Forever' in viral video reflect 10 years later  -  NBC News

Sports News (July 19, 2019)

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   Follow live: Spieth on a roll early at The Open on day two  -  ESPN
   Tiger: 'I just want to go home' after missing cut  -  ESPN
   Riley has been 'great resource' for Buckeyes' Day  -  ESPN
   Harbaugh: Comment about Meyer not 'bombshell'  -  ESPN
   Hill won't face NFL ban, to return at Chiefs camp  -  ESPN
   Ex-Giants lineman Petrus, 32, dies of heat stroke  -  ESPN
   Red eye: Astros rail against MLB for schedule  -  ESPN
   Missed the NFL offseason? Here's everything that happened  -  ESPN
   Big questions for the NBA's new title contender tiers  -  ESPN
   What makes each member of 2019 HOF class a Hall of Famer  -  ESPN
   Union face Fire looking to shake off ugly loss  -  Reuters
   Caddie chemistry helping Westwood mount a charge  -  Reuters
   Alaphilippe beats Thomas in time trial to extend Tour lead  -  Reuters
   Reports: Smyly set to sign with Phillies  -  Reuters
   NFL declines to punish Chiefs WR Hill  -  Reuters
   Woods to miss cut despite improved round  -  Reuters
   Australia banking on quick fix at fullback  -  Reuters
   Owens to referee World Cup opening match  -  Reuters
   Holmes consolidates lead, Lowry on the charge  -  Reuters
   Emotional Lehman bids farewell to British Open  -  Reuters
   Ex-New York Giants offensive lineman Mitch Petrus dies of heat stroke at age 32  -  FOX News
   Kansas City Chiefs star Tyreek Hill won't be suspended by NFL over child abuse ...  -  FOX News
   Tiger Woods hints health, 'Father Time', is an issue after first round struggles at ...  -  FOX News
   Miami Dolphins' Kendrick Norton released from hospital 2 weeks after losing arm in ...  -  FOX News
   Yankees manager drops multiple F-bombs in ‘savage’ rant against umpire  -  FOX News
   Man who allegedly stole Super Bowl champion's rings stopped with help from 'Pawn ...  -  FOX News
   US Open plans to bend rules to make sure they get Coco Gauff  -  FOX News
   Rory McIlroy breaks woman's phone with errant tee shot on first hole of British Open  -  FOX News
   Ex-UFC fighter Abel 'Killa' Trujillo charged with sexual exploitation of child: ...  -  FOX News
   Famed waiver attorney for college athletes Tom Mars hired by NCAA to work in ...  -  CBS Sports
   Donald 'Cowboy' Cerrone vs. Justin Gaethje set to headline UFC Fight Night event in ...  -  CBS Sports
   2019 British Open leaderboard: Live coverage, Tiger Woods score, golf scores on ...  -  CBS Sports
   Manny Pacquiao vs. Keith Thurman odds, fight card, prop bets: PacMan favored in ...  -  CBS Sports
   Fantasy Football Rankings 2019: Model that beat experts says top five WRs now ...  -  CBS Sports
   Packers CEO thinks Raiders traded Khalil Mack to Bears because they thought Green ...  -  CBS Sports
   Cowboys, Zeke Elliott keeping contract negotiations quiet, but both sides ...  -  CBS Sports
   Fantasy Football Dynasty Wide Receiver Rankings: JuJu Smith-Schuster and D.J. Moore ...  -  CBS Sports

Health News (July 19, 2019)

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   New cervical cancer guidance: Use HPV tests  -  NBC News
   What is a healthy blood pressure?  -  NBC News
   Medical mistakes harm more than 1 in 10 patients, and half are preventable  -  NBC News
   Activists who fought for Roe v. Wade are back  -  NBC News
   For healthy blood pressure, both numbers matter  -  NBC News
   Why contact lenses and water don't mix  -  NBC News
   Reports of sexual harassment wane at work  -  NBC News
   Ebola outbreak in Congo declared global health emergency  -  NBC News
   Want to keep your brain sharp in old age? Go back to school  -  NBC News
   U.N. wants more urgency in AIDS fight as gains and funding fade  -  NBC News
   Pets may help older adults manage chronic pain  -  Reuters
   Health Canada to keep importing Kaleo's epinephrine shot amid shortages  -  Reuters
   Indoor smoking ban tied to heart attack decline in older adults  -  Reuters
   WHO says investigators conclude Ebola victim did not enter Rwanda  -  Reuters
   Novartis's older MS drug Gilenya wins Chinese approval  -  Reuters
   Women doctors skip conferences because of family responsibilities  -  Reuters
   Illinois to defy Trump administration's abortion referral 'gag rule'  -  Reuters
   Trump EPA allows use of controversial pesticide  -  Reuters
   Second opioid distributor charged over role in U.S. drug epidemic  -  Reuters
   Ragu pasta sauces recalled over possible plastic in products  -  FOX News
   Tennessee girl's rare disorder triggered by brushing hair  -  FOX News
   Wyoming doctor struck by lightning didn't know he had broken nose, jaw until days ...  -  FOX News
   Man said vape pen exploded 'like a rocket,' left him with severe leg burns  -  FOX News
   Woman who wore contact lenses while showering, swimming nearly blinded in one eye ...  -  FOX News
   Anonymous donor gives $25 million to Children's Hospital Los Angeles  -  FOX News
   These are the 10 most obese states in the US, report finds  -  FOX News
   Woman says 'sore throat' led to near-fatal infection that left her with hole in neck  -  FOX News
   California woman's foot ravaged by flesh-eating bacteria, exposing her bones  -  FOX News
   Cosmetic surgeons' billboard sparks debate over body shaming  -  FOX News
   After 7 kids get cancer, chemical in city's water scrutinized  -  CBS News
   After 7 kids diagnosed with cancer, concerned parents eye chemical in water supply  -  CBS News
   Know the signs of heat stroke before it's too late  -  CBS News
   Ebola outbreak in Congo declared a global health emergency  -  CBS News
   Data show "tsunami" of opioids across U.S. as death toll rose  -  CBS News
   Drugstore chain CVS developing home kidney dialysis device  -  CBS News
   Opioid shipments ballooned as an addiction crisis grew, DEA data shows  -  CBS News
   Planned Parenthood ousts president amid organizational turmoil  -  CBS News
   Nestlé launching new chocolate that ditches refined sugar  -  CBS News
   Scientists close in on blood test for Alzheimer's  -  CBS News

Weird News (July 19, 2019)

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   Chicago alligator stakeout snaps shut after professional catches reptile  -  Reuters
   Colombian caught in Spain with cocaine under toupee  -  Reuters
   The longest toilet break? Belgian sits for five days in bid for record  -  Reuters
   Sneakers give art a run for its money at first-of-a-kind Sotheby's auction  -  Reuters
   Lithuanian couple defends world wife-carrying championship title  -  Reuters
   Later alligator: Chicago wants scaly resident out of local lagoon  -  Reuters
   'Best day ever!' Internet pokes fun at Mexico's finance minister grim-faced job ...  -  Reuters
   Flight crew restrains 'God' aboard Delta flight, returns to Puerto Rico  -  Reuters
   Stowaway falls from plane over London, narrowly missing sunbather  -  Reuters
   Feeling the heat? Estonian takes his sauna on the road, literally  -  Reuters
   'Please reply': Message in a bottle found 50 years on  -  Sky News
   Train delayed as commuter's hair gets stuck in door  -  Sky News
   'We stand ready': US air force warns against 'raid' on Area 51  -  Sky News
   Wales takes world's steepest street title from New Zealand  -  Sky News
   Half a million sign up to raid Area 51 and 'see them aliens'  -  Sky News
   Woman 'hurls snake at driver' in alleged car-jacking caught on camera  -  Sky News
   Brazil's Israel embassy ridiculed for trying to hide non-kosher lobster  -  Sky News
   Headbanging cockatoo knows 14 different dance moves  -  Sky News
   'A scarecrow... a Smurfette': Melania statue unveiled near hometown  -  Sky News
   Copycat Blue Bell ice cream licker arrested in Louisiana  -  CBS News
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