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All About Screenwriting
Information such as plot structure, agents and clubs. Also includes several screenplays.

American Screenwriters Association
Non-profit organization supports writers through educational seminars, screenplay competitions, script critique service and industry contacts.

BBC Online - The Writers' Room
Learn how to write for and submit scripts to the BBC.

Big Think - Interview with Script Guru Robert Mckee
An exclusive interview with screenwriting guru Robert Mckee in video.
A resource site on writing screenplays about the African-American community.

Canadian Screenwriter Magazine
Industry magazine published quarterly, with selected articles available on the site. Digital copy available free with password given on the site.

Chicago Screenwriters Network
Chicago-based organization for local screenwriters offering industry networking opportunities and member evaluation of individual screenplays.

National non-profit screenwriter's organization that helps emerging screenwriters hone their craft and find alternative access to the screen.

Comedy Screenplays
Free forum for screenwriters who specialize in writing feature length comedies.

Complications Ensue: The Crafty TV and Screenwriting Blog
Screenwriting weblog about watching and writing TV and movies, by a working screenwriter (with forays into life and political theatre).

Cracking Yarns
Allen Palmer's site with screenwriting tips and courses.

Creative COW Screenwriting Articles
A selection of articles about screen writing by Rob Gregory-Browne.

Creative Screenwriting Magazine
Selected articles from the publication, available online.

Dallas Screenwriters Association
A non-profit organization providing monthly meetings featuring professional screenwriters, scene readings, workshops, seminars, and networking opportunities. Dallas and Fort Worth area, Texas, US.

Diary of a Second City Sketch Writer's Show
Jerry M. Krull's diary of putting together a sketch comedy show. His personal experience with The Second City Comedy Writing program in Chicago, IL. Writing and audition tips.

Done Deal
Resources for script sales in Hollywood, along with interviews, advice, and contact information for agencies and production companies.

Film Script Writing
A site full of tricks and tips to help the film script writer.

From Fade In through Fade Out
A site offering a complete book of essential screenwriting information and tips from a produced Hollywood writer, along with essays, reviews, links.

Hollywood Dreams
Story of hope and faith and trying to sell a screenplay by Canadian writer Beverley Wood.

Hollywood Scriptwriter
The entertainment industry's trade paper specifically written for screenwriters. Subscription information available.

How To Write Film Scripts & Screenplays
Larry A. Jaggard, How to write film scripts, screenplays and movie treatments for review.

Every week, up to eight screenwriters sell or option their scripts on our site. Sell your script. Get your screenplay seen by producers, production companies and literary agents.

International Affiliation of Writers Guilds
To address the globalization of the entertainment industry and improve the working conditions of professional film and television writers worldwide through collective action, mutual support and common representation internationally.

International Screenwriters Association
The ISA is an informational resource and networking hub for all screenwriters.

Jeff Kitchen's Screenwriting Seminar
Hollywood screenwriting seminar with individual hands-on development sessions and state-of-the-art tools for the dramatist.

LA Screenwriter
Screenwriting tools, resources, and advice for established and novice writers alike
Features a database of screenwriting contests, script sales, literary agencies, film producers, and publishes an email newsletter.

Our Pitch Sessions to Star Trek
Behind the walls at Deep Space Nine and Voyager Pitches. Real insight into how the pitch process works.

Salon - Schmucks With Underwoods
Article about screenwriting from Laura Miller.

Screenplay Europe
News about movie scripts from a European perspective, focusing on releases, quotes and prizes.

Screenplay Wire
Parody for new scriptwriters on writing tips and how to sell or "pitch" a screenplay.

ScreenplayFest Philadelphia
A free writer's community: upload ideas, and scripts, share feedback with other writers, meet new friends. They also have a script contest.

Screenwriter's Corner
Companion to Syd Field's official site offers free email, forums, chat rooms, tips, tutorials and online screenwriting classes.

Screenwriters Daily
Contains movie reviews, addresses for production companies, chat, and forums.

Screenwriters Federation of America
A professional portal for working and aspiring screenwriters globally.

Screenwriters at Scriptmania
Links to entertainment news, film festivals, screenwriting competitions, and software.

Offers resources and tips for writing and formatting a screenplay and improve script writing skills.

Screenwriting Goldmine Blog
Blog written by professional British screenwriter, giving insight into working in the industry, free screenwriting tips, and a detailed step by step screenwriting training package.

Screenwriting Help for Beginners
Screenwriting tricks, tips, information and resources for screenwriters starting out.

Screenwriting Secrets
Offers free eBook with tips and strategies for aspiring screenwriters.
Step by step guide from the mechanics of writing to style.

Script Gang
Online magazine for screen writers. Story board plot lines, write scripts formatted to the Hollywood standard and network with other writers.

Script Nurse
A resource site for amateur and professional screenwriters. Advice, software downloads and reviews, books, discussion forums, tips, hints and exercises to help writers improve their skills. Don Bledsoe.

Script Tips
Weekly email newsletter sent by working writer with BBC Radio and theater credits. Gives tips for individuals working on stage, TV, or radio scripts.

Spec market listings and articles for writers.

A practical site on the technique and business of screenwriting to help improve your scripts and boost your career.
An instructional Web site, provides step-by-step instructional advice about the art and business of screenwriting.

An independent member-run screenplay development group that concentrates on commercially viable screenplays. Founded in March 2004, membership is limited to 16 professional level writers.

Scriptwriter's Life
The advice-on-a-page diagram created by writers, for writers.
Script chart compiling screenwriting formulas, superimposed on the three act structure.

Scriptwriting Secrets
Hypertexted writing guide covering the elements of a script, advanced formatting and what to do with a finished script.

Story Notes Newsletter
A free newsletter devoted to the craft of screenwriting, by Jeff Newman. New articles monthly, plus access to back issues on site.

Syd Field
Offers free email, message forums and chat rooms.

TV Writer
Larry Brody's guide to writing for TV.

The Green Light
Interviews with industry professionals. Articles about screenwriting. Story structure and worksheet downloads.

The Lonely Keyboard
Real advice from working professionals on the art, craft, and business of screenwriting.

The Screenplayers
A growing alliance of accredited screenwriters who are using the Internet to market their original screenplays.

The Script Lab
A screenwriting news and screenplay educational magazine. Guiding writers from script development through to sale and production.

The Script Vault
UK based script service.

The Single Screenwriter
Screenwriting advice, humor, and news from the trenches.

The Television Writers Vault
Project database used by writers, creators, and producers to pitch and sell original show ideas, scripts, and properties for development and production in all genres of televised entertainment.

The Thinking Writer
Non-commercial website includes how-to columns, recommended reading, a creative word list, and links to daily entertainment news, current script sales, online screenplay repositories, and other screenwriter's resources.

What a Script
Learn the screenwriting craft from experts and characters of screenplays while having fun.

Where's the Drama?
Explores mediunistic, character-based dramatic storytelling for the big and small screen. Hosted by script doctor, Billy Marshall Stoneking.
For screenwriters and playwrights. Offers a writing contest, a collection of produced studio and indie scripts, writer mentoring, script consulting and possible free pitch to agencies and production companies, and "The Confidential Studio Manual".

Writers Store eZine
A free, bi-weekly newsletter with articles, advice columns, screenwriting news from recognized Industry authors and educators.

Your No Budget Screenplay
A blog site designed by a low budget film maker to show in the form of simple post what is meant by the terms low and or no budget screenplays.

Terry Borst began writing under the alt.screenwriters column banner in 1996. Occasional posts continue to discuss the collision of contemporary screenwriting and media convergence.