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Act Four Screenplays
Consultation, coaching and online classes for screenwriters of all experience levels, from a former major movie studio story analyst.

Amos Poe
NYU film professor and WGA screenwriter offers script consultation and rewrites.

Angell Productions
Script assessments, scriptwriting courses by e-mail, and web page hosting; large database on women's history of Oceania.

Coverage, Inc.
In-depth industry style coverage of your feature screenplay, by an industry reader.
Screenplay analyst, reader and consultant helping film, movie or television writers

Trai Cartwright's script consulting service. Currently a professor at the Colorado Film School and University of Northern Colorado.

Darc Productions
Screenplay coverage service from a produced UK screenwriter, providing 2-3 pages of notes.

Fahy Films
John Fahy is a NYC-based script doctor and film editor, focusing on feature films, documentaries, and select TV projects. The former Miramax Films creative executive is a veteran of the independent film community.

Fair Coverage Dot Com
Provides studio-style coverage for scripts of all genres.

London based script consultancy providing script coverage and one-to-one coaching

Good in a Room
Hollywood executive Stephanie Palmer helps film and TV writers learn how to write movie scripts, how to pitch TV shows, and how to get paid to write.

Hollywood Script
Scriptwriting consulting service and newsletter.

Hollywood Working Writer & Script Consultant
Paul Cooper provides professional script consulting and screenplay analysis. Includes list of awards and credits, submissions policies, fees and services, testimonials and contact details.

ID2 Films
Paris and London based company dedicated to film development, scriptwriting training, and French and English language projects.

James P. Mercurio Script Consulting Services
Filmmaker, writer and consultant Jim Mercurio will give all the feedback needed to rewrite a screenplay.

Keane Words
Christopher Keane offers screenwriting workshops and script analysis.

Knight Owl Entertainment
Screenwriters offer basic editing services for scripts, treatments and query letters.

London Script Consultancy
A range of script services to help identify the strengths and weaknesses of a screenplay.

Lynn Barker
Script consultant and produced WGA writer offering screenplay evaluation and consulting services.

Peter Mellencamp
Story analyst with 25 years experience at Hollywood studios.

Pippa Best
UK based script consultant / editor working with TV and film projects. Services include single script reports through to project development

Prescott Screenplay Consulting
Professional screenwriter and consultant provides producers and writers with screenplay critiques and coverage, as well as formatting and typing service.

Prime Crime Development Ltd
Writer and advisor on crime and police dramas. Includes contact information for consultation.

Pro Screenplays
Screenwriter and consultant, Scott Parisien.

Pro Script Notes
Professional screenwriting consulting services from a former Hollywood literary manager.

Ram Productions International
Hollywood screenwriter with major network TV credits and international media connections works with production companies and writers to develop screenplays and TV concepts.

Reelwriter Catherine Krez
Offering script analysis to professional writers and producers.

Richard Krevolin: Screenwriting Professor
Offers script consulting and screenwriters workshops.

Richwood Script Consultants
Service provides script notes, edits, analysis and support throughout the development process.

Evaluation/analysis with representation offered for outstanding scripts.

Screenplay Coverage
Providing screenplay coverage to aspiring screenwriters.

Screenplay Readers
Providing script coverage and screenplay reading.

Screenwriting Consultant
Professional story analysis and script coverage, including script editing and story structure.

Script Advisor
Personal screenwriting assistance from an experienced industry script consultant/story analyst/screenwriter.

Script Angel
Hayley McKenzie and team offers script coverage and development help. All genres across feature film, short films, TV and theater.

Script Central
Script consultants in Australia.

Script Consultant
Script reading, development and promotion by former head of Carlton TV Drama, Philip Shelley.

Script Delivery
Marketing service for screenwriters.

Script Pipeline
A community designed to assist aspiring screenwriters connect with literary agents and film producers. Offers annual screenplay competitions, screenwriting classes, and script coverage services.

Script Reader Pro
Screenplay reading team covers problem areas in a screenplay and instructs the writer, step-by-step, how to fix them.

Script Surgery
An on-line script consultant offering services including screenplay and film script analysis.

Script Zone
Scripts are analyzed by Paul Young. Major strengths are identified, detailed solutions provided for any/all creative problems found, and multiple development proposals suggested to maximize the creative power of the script before it goes into the marketplace.
Screenwriting consulting service includes evaluations and workshops.

Working screenwriter and veteran script consultant, Leo O'Sullivan.
Screenwriting evaluation, coverage and submission services.

Screenplay coverage and consultation by indie film producer, Tracey Becker.

Develop your screenplay with experienced feature film script editors, script development experts and screenwriters. Melbourne, Australia.

Scriptapalooza Coverage Service
Screenplay analysis, done by professional studio readers.
Screenplay coverage services and news about the art and business of screenwriting.

Sheila Gallien
Offers to help screenwriters improve their story and script's quality and marketability.

Skip Press
Author of the Writer's Guide to Hollywood, the Complete Idiot's Guide to Screenwriting, and the creator and instructor of "Your Screenwriting Career" college course.

Smart Girls Productions
A marketing and consulting firm for actors and screenwriters founded by Dr. Melody Jackson.

Story Sense
Consulting services for writers and producers, offering script coverage and evaluations.

Professional screenplay analysis from screenwriters and working studio readers.

David Warfield, MFA, WGA, offers professional screenplay and story development consultation.

Consulting for writers in all media, corporate and brand consulting, writers seminars, books and tapes. Author of "The Writers Journey," expert on myth-based storytelling.

The Brass Brad
Produced screenwriter Kimberly Seilhamer provides detailed script analysis with page-by-page notes to the writer.

The Gail Cooper Site
Gail Cooper: New York screenwriter, story analyst, script reader, treatment writer, "script doctor"

The Script Broker (r)
Coaching and marketing services for writers and filmmakers; dedicated to helping writers connect with the right marketplace, agent, manager or representative.

The Script Consultant
Screenplay coverage and different types of script analysis to give your script that competitive edge.

The Script Doctor
A screenplay consultancy service, by veteran writer Vernon Zimmerman, who has written and directed many feature films.

The ScriptMaster
An online script service by a produced screenwriter.

Award-winning writer/director offers script coverage, development notes and consulting for screenwriters, plus screenwriting tips and links.
Web based community providing a platform for undiscovered talent to showcase their work and receive peer feedback and criticism.

Venice Arts e-Screenwriting
Free online screenwriters workshop and script consulting, as well as a Query Submission Service and annual screenwriting competition.

WBC Script Consultants
Hollywood screenwriter, USC alumni J.T. Clark offers script consulting and screenwriting services including polishes, re-writes, coverage reports, analysis and creative notes.

Wayne's Movie World
Wayne McLean. Services listed with fees. Qualifications and testimonial from current clients.

Interactive script consultation and coaching, analysis, development and action plans.

Writers SuperCenter
Offers analysis of screenplays, through coverage and development notes and/or private consultation as well as coaching, editing, and re-write services.

New York based group provides writers with detailed and affordable script coverage and story development notes.
Realize your screenplay or treatment's potential with constructive analysis from a conscientious, Script Factory trained, experienced professional. Basic premise to formatting issues and emergency turnaround options available.