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Alexy, Philip - Harrold the Flying Sheep
Computer graphics animator. Portfolio of film stills, galleries of non film related artwork, and resume.

Armaroli, Luciano
Animation, modeling, sculpture, drawing, and story-boarding. Resume and contact information.

Armstrong, Ross
3D character animations and sketches. Provides resume and sample videos.

Bastiaans, Corey -
Digital effects and concept art. Work samples, and resources.

Berger, Ernie
Movie examples, award information, and image galleries.

Blikstad, Magnus - Wit Entertainment
2d and 3d animation. Photo examples and links to outside projects.

Book, Josh
Artist/Animator. Samples of character animation for commercials, film, TV, and web.

Chitty, Matthew - Psyc3D Online
3D animation examples with image and video galleries, resume, as well as links to 3D artist resources.

Crome, Gerald - Jelly Animation
Edited examples of computer graphic animations and contact information.

Elam, Gunilla - Bitspin
Animator/artist. Shows samples of animation, illustration and designs with a focus on technical visualization.

Engram, Bryan
A 3D character animator. Site contains animation clips, artwork, and contact information.

Fragale, Gianpaolo - Babyblu Animation Studio
Photos, shorts, biography of author, and links.

Frutiger, Kevin
A freelance 3D animator and Flash designer based in Denver, Colorado. Provides contact information, and portfolio information.

Hill, Clifton - Crusading Thought Entertainment
Offering animation, modeling, and texturing services. Biography and contact information.

Holzach, Nikolai
Computer generated animations and art samples as well as award information.

Hoss, Farhad
Featuring 3D animation, digital art, graphic design, and a demo reel.

Jagger, Jim
3d animation. Provides work gallery, resume, tools information, as well as links.

Jones, Angie - Spicy Cricket Animation
Character Animator. Provides work samples, bio, and resources.

Kaimo, Bob
Flash animator, designer, and computer/animation artist. Provides links, samples, and a resume.

Latouf, Johna
Portfolio, resume and demo reel of an animator and graphic artist.

Liao, Roxy -
A graphic designer, engineer, and animator. Provides animation examples, galleries, and an online journal.

Lusconbe, Angus
Animation services. News, tutorials, and contact information.

Mangor Bau, John
Dark and surreal 3d/2d animation and other works including photography, drawings, paintings and writing. [Requires Flash]

McCarter, Jamie
Gallery of Maya, SoftImage, Renderman, POV-Ray, Alias PowerAnimator, Mental Ray and some 2D paintings.

Meier, Meats
Samples, biography, and news.

Murdock, Andy - Lots of Robots
See the 3d animated movies; LOR and Rocket Pants. Also provides services listing, galleries, and links.

Navone, Victor
Animation, stills, movies, resources, and Blit.

O'Young and Pleydon - Digimata
Examples of computer animation and graphics for medical, architectural, and technical communications.

Parker-Rhodes, Marcus
Features examples of animation work, 2D and 3D on various projects.

Persaud, Arlene
3-dimensional computer graphics animator specializing in modeling, texturing, lighting, and dynamics.

Promokhov, Konstantin
Digital visual effects animator. Demo reel and contact information.

Razali, Mohd - Hepeace
Provides sketches, 3D and 2D animations, and video productions.

Sanchez, Juan L. -
Animation, modeling, and scripting. Bio, demo reel, news, and resume.

Schane, Mark -Lydon's Animation Portfolio
Bio, resume, and portfolio with samples of 3D animation, drawings, sketches and desktop design.

Sirois, Justin - On the Z
Offers freelance animation, compositing, motion graphics, and web design. Located in Kansas, United States.

Surr, Damian - Daminator
Character animation examples and contact information.

Tan, Kevin - HyperSushi Studios
3d artist and animator using MAX. Based in the Malaysia.

Taylor, Samantha - ZiggyAnimation
Animations and stills. Work samples, resume, and contact information.

Turnbow, Gene -
Examples of work done in game development and Lightwave animation.

Waizenegger, Willi
3D and 2D computer graphics and animation for broadcast and multimedia applications. Bio, work samples, resume, and contact information.

Animated trailers, transitions and process demonstrations to enhance corporate videos and broadcast television productions.

Weisblum, Amiel
Animation, graphics, and interior design. QuickTime samples, still images, and resume.

West, Tim
3D modeler and animator. Provides collections of 3D animations, stills, flash work and a Curriculum Vitae.

Whiteley, Andy -
Computer Animation, Character Animation and Design for Film and Video Games produced with Maya, Softimage and Lightwave, including 'Wipeout 3' for the Sony Playstation.

Wickett, Andy
Computer animator, songwriter and audio producer.

Winston, Scott
A New York, New York, United States based animator and filmmaker. Work includes feature films and commercials.