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3Wire Systems
Offers technology solutions featuring Sun, Supermicro, Cisco and RAID/IP SANs with bank direct leasing and global maintenance options.

Acclinet Corporation
Integrators of Sun equipment, offering a selection of used and refurbished models and parts. Located in New Hampshire.
Sells a selection of refurbished Sun Microsystems products including UltraSparc workstations, SparcStations, and Enterprise servers, monitors, adapters, storage, and parts.

Business Systems International Ltd
Supplier of Sun systems, specialist peripherals and Solaris software, as well as Oracle and Veritas.

Carlo Gavazzi Computing Solutions
Designs and manufactures a wide range of multiport synchronous and asynchronous multiport serial controllers for Sun Solaris.

Cobalt Raq Links
A directory of information about Cobalt Raq products, including backup, security, software, billing and other Raq related services and products.

Computer Connection of Central New York - CCNY
New and refurbished Sun and compatible workstations and servers, offering trade-in programs and over 15 years experience in sales and service for Sun. ISO 9002 quality.

Corporate Technologies, Inc.
A US-based partner of Sun providing IT solutions design, development, hardware and software. Lists resources, news, and contact information.

Data Master International
Manufactures and markets Sun Microelectronics SPARC based computing systems.

Dynamic Systems: GovStor
Serves State of California accounts by offering the full Sun Microsystems line under CMAS contract as well as StorageTek, Veritas Software and Extreme Networks.

G-2 Systems
Independent reseller of refurbished Sun Microsystems hardware and peripherals. Lists current special pricing on workstations, servers, storage and upgrades.
Offers equipment from Sun Microsystems and routing gear from Nortel and Cisco.

High Performance Computing Virtual Laboratory
HPCVL was formed by a consortium of four universities located in Eastern Ontario, Canada, to support innovative research in a broad spectrum of disciplines. A Sun Centre of Excellence site.

MCA Computer Corporation
USA-based reseller of new and refurbished Sun workstations, servers, memory, options and parts. Also offers SGI equipment.

MTI Group Corp.
Independent reseller of Sun Microsystems and Cisco Systems, providing new and refurbished Sun servers, workstations, Cisco routers, switches and network hardware and peripherals.

Manucomp Systems
Resellers of Sun Microsystems hardware and solutions including products from workstations to Enterprise Class servers and storage.

Sells Sun systems, components, peripherals, memory, and accessories, with online shopping.

OSIAH - Online Sun Information ArcHive
A collection of information and pictures relating to hardware and software from Sun Microsystems and friends.

Prism Microsystems Ltd.
Provides integrated computing solutions focussed on healthcare and pharmaceutical markets. Core business is design and support of Radiation Therapy Treatment planning solutions.

Q Associates
UK Sun Microsystems reseller for storage area networks, systems, workstations and servers.

Radiant Resources
Reseller of refurbished Sun Microsystem's computers, including servers, workstations, memory, disks, monitors, software, storage arrays, networking components and other peripherals.

Recurrent Technologies
Trades in refurbished Sun, Cobalt and Cisco systems and peripherals, and provides sample lists of goods available for sale.

Sandyx Systems
A UK consultancy specializing in UNIX, Solaris, Oracle, Ingres, data storage and outsourcing. Includes information about products, support and training.

Solar Systems and Peripherals, Inc.
Carries inventory of previously-owned Sun hardware both used and unused, all tested and accompanied by full warranties. Also offers rental arrangements and buys used equipment as well.

Solaris Intel Platform Frequently-asked Questions (FAQ)
Concerns setup and use of Solaris running on Intel Hardware

Stantive Technologies Group Inc.
Offers IT consulting services, on-demand application solutions and on-premise IT products. Includes company profile, careers, and press releases.

Stokely Consulting - Unix Serial Port Resources
Technical information with pinout data of various serial ports and splitter cables used in Sun's designs.

Sun Disk Supply Center (SDSC)
A reseller of new and used original disk drives and storage for Sun equipment, in the USA.

An independent resource for information relating to Sun Microsystems products and operating systems, including links to current news articles, forums, vendors, and support.

Virtual Technology, Inc.
Specializes in the sale, lease or rental of Sun computer equipment.

A Sun Solution Reseller for datacenter, enterprise and workgroup solutions, b2net supplies Unix and network hardware.