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Colorful applets with source code and a description of the applet parameters. The applets are written in Java 1.0 and thus available problem-free on all Java enabled browsers.

A Java applet, including source code, that lets you warp Bill Gates' face (or, indeed, anyone else's).

Amazing Spiro
An applet for making spirograph-like drawings; supports saving. Source available on request.
Java multi-media, animation, and utility applets with free download kits. [Freeware]

Free, 2D+ vector drawing applet or application.

Inline FLI/FLC-player in Java. [Open source, GPL]

Freedom VR
A simple Java applet that lets embed photographic VR in web pages without any plug-ins. It's much like what Apple calls a Quicktime VR "Object Movie". [Open source, GPL]

Interactive Color Wheel
Java applet which allows viewing of the relationships between saturation, intenstity, hue, and luma. [Source code available]

One may create or edit a picture directly at a Web page. A picture may be uploaded/downloaded to/from a server in PNG format. Installation assistance. [Commercial/Evaluation]

MPEG-1 Player (no audio)
Inline MPEG-1 player in Java (with MPEG layer I decoder). [Open source, GPL]

Mugshot Maker
Online applet for creating mugshots.

Net Imaging
Allows to process a photo online: crop, resize, rotate, flip. The resulting image can be uploaded to the server in JPEG format. No plug-in is required. [Shareware]

Sierpinski's gasket pseudo-fractal applet
This applet draws a pseudo Sierpinski's gasket fractal using logical operators on binary numbers from 0-15.

Choose colors and shapes to create spirograph artwork.

A 2D graphics applet and control interpreted language. Using it easier than coding effects in Java.

Applet that allows the viewing of color or black and white TIFF documents through the Internet. [Commercial, with demo version]