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3Com/No Wires Needed 802.11b Linux drivers
Linux drivers for the No Wires Needed Swallow 550 and 1100, the 11 Mbps Wireless LAN PC Card, and the 3Com 3CRWE62092A Wireless LAN PC Cards.

HomeConnect USB Driver for Linux
A project to develop a free driver for 3Com's HomeConnect USB webcam.

Human-Computer Interaction Technology Lab Programs
Allchan is a GUI display interface to a National Instruments voltage I/O board (written for NI LabView in C).

Intel Ethernet Drivers and Utilities
Provides drivers, debug utilities, patches, bug database, and email discussion list for development and debug of the Intel Ethernet device drivers for Linux.

Linux Device Drivers, 2nd Edition
Full-text of the book by Alessandro Rubini and Jonathan Corbet, in a variety of formats.

Linux Parallel Port Devices
A collection of drivers and documentation for parallel-port device support under Linux, including Zip drives, cameras, portable CD-ROMs and hard drives.

Linux Voodoo
Providing technical support on installation, configuration, security, hardware/software drivers also have gaming news, reviews and downloads, general news and systems.

Linux drivers for COSA/SRP synchronous serial boards
The COSA and SRP are synchronous serial boards. This means they can be used to connect any synchronous serial device (such as a high-speed base-band modem) to your PC with Linux. Base-band modems are usually used over leased lines and can have throughput from 64kbps to several megabits per second.

Directory of resources for Linux hardware compatibility lists, and drivers.

PCI 40 / DAS 16 Software driver
This is a device driver for an PCI40 Industry pack carrier board and FastDAC.

QuickCam Third-Party Drivers
Lists of drivers for Logitech Cams.

Video For Linux
Site for the Video4Linux driver information. Includes pointers to supported drivers and apps.

ss5136dn Linux Driver Manual
Manual for the Linux driver for the SST brand 5136-DN, 5136-DNP, and 5136-DN-104 boards.