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CRASH: Finders Keepers
Rated 85%. "A neat and fairly original game with good playability and excellent value at the price."

CRASH: Spellbound
Rated 95%. "An outstanding game, especially for the money."

The Adventures of Magic Knight
Dedicated to the Magic Knight series of adventures on the ZX Spectrum.

Your Sinclair: Knight Tyme
Rated 9/10 by Rachael Smith. "Knight Tyme is packed with clever puzzles, aeons of space to explore and, what's more, it's all finished with a double coat of wit."

Your Sinclair: Spellbound
Rated 8/10 by Rachael Smith. "It doesn't take the Crystal Ball I found in the lift to predict that this will be at least as big a success as Jones the Programmer's previous chart topper."

Your Sinclair: Spellbound 128k
Rated 9/10 by Phil South. "Spellbound is now, if it wasn't before, a blippin' brilliant game, deserving a place in every big Speccer's collection, forthwith. Or even fifthwith."

Your Sinclair: Stormbringer
Rated 9/10 by Phil South. "Stormbringer is a first class game, and far from being 'just another one' in the Magic Knight series, it could very possibly be the best one!"