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R-Type Series
Rage Wars
Raiden Series  
Rainbow Six Series
Raptor - Call of the Shadows  
Raven Shield
Raven Squad - Operation Hidden Dagger  
Red Dead Redemption
Red Dead Revolver
Red Faction Series
Red Orchestra - Ostfront 41-45  
Red Steel
Redneck Rampage
Renegade Squadron
Requiem - Avenging Angel  
Resistance - Fall of Man  
Resistance - Operation Flashpoint
Resurrection of Evil, Doom 3
Return to Castle Wolfenstein
Riddick, The Chronicles of - Escape from Butcher Bay
Riot Response
Rise of the Triad - Dark War  
Rising Sun - Medal of Honor
Road to Fiddler's Green
Road to Hill 30
Road to Rome, The
Roads to Victory
Robotech - Battlecry
Robotech Series
Rogue Agent
Rogue Spear
Rogue Trooper
Rogue Warrior
Rogue Wars