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EverQuest Daily Grind
A weblog about game addiction from a former gamer. Includes stories and letters from past and present addicts.
A site that provides support and resources for 'gamer widow(er)s'. Message boards, chat room, articles and links to support those who are feeling neglected by their gamer (video/console/online gamers) partner.

Online Gamers Anonymous
Twelve-step support network for gaming addicts. Includes news, explanation of the 12-step approach, and forums.

Video Game Addiction: Do we need a Video Gamers Anonymous?
Student research paper on games addiction by Mary Schlimme.

Yahoo Groups: World of Warcraft Widows
This group isn't just for wives, but for anyone, husbands, girl or boyfriends, mothers, fathers, sons or daughters, or anyone that has had a relationship effected by this addictive game.

Yahoo! Groups : EverQuest-Widows
A large, international, support group for those effected by game addiction.