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CDC Travelers' Health: Cryptosporidiosis
Advice for travelers on this infection including mode of transmission, occurrence, clinical signs, diagnosis, treatment and preventative measures that can be taken.

CIEH: Cryptosporidium
Chartered Institute of Environmental Health provides information on Cryptosporidium in drinking water. Includes official UK information and details of previous outbreaks both inside and outside the UK.

Information resources on this opportunistic infection, from The Body.

This pamphlet was prepared by the inter-agency Working Group on Waterborne Cryptosporidiosis, and describes various methods of protection from the one-celled parasite, Cryptosporidium parvum.

Cryptosporidiosis Waterborne Disease
Information related to the disease, routes of contamination, life cycle, testing and water treatment.

Provides information on this protozoan parasite and the disease it causes, the symptoms and the preventive measures that can be taken to avoid the illness.

Mamas Health
Learn about Cryptosporidiosis, what causes it, how to prevent it, and statistics

MedlinePlus: Cryptosporidiosis
Includes articles, news stories, and factsheets.

MicrobeWiki: Cryptosporidium
Classification, description and significance, genome structure, cell structure, metabolism and ecology.

eMedicine - Cryptosporidiosis
Article by Damon Eisen, MD.