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Association of Pediatric Dental Caries with Passive Smoking
Research finds that children exposed to secondhand smoke get more cavities.

Breast-feeding and Secondhand Exposure to Cigarettes
Measures infants' exposure from maternal smoking.

Children at Risk from ETS
Young children and unborn infants are more vulnerable than adults to genetic damage from secondhand smoke, and exposures during early development increase the risk of cancer later in life, according to a study at Columbia University.

Effects of Restaurant Smoking Regulations on Children
Research finds that strong local restaurant smoking regulations reduce the amount of secondhand smoke that children are exposed to.

Effects of Secondhand Smoke on Asthma in Children
Research finds that firsthand and secondhand smoke causes about 15% of asthma in North Carolina children.

Environmental Tobacco Smoke and Children
Factsheet summarizes the effects.

Federal Report on Kids at Risk from Passive Smoking
GASP of Colorado Education Center summarizes recent research estimating number of kids exposed to secondhand smoke and its effects on their health.

Fetal Nicotine or Cocaine Exposure: Which One is Worse?
Research article compares measured effects of prenatal exposure to the substances.

NRDC Pro: Our Children At Risk - Chapter 6
Secondhand smoke is an environmental health risk.

Passive Smoke "Ruins Child Teeth"
Children growing up in a house filled with cigarette smoke are likely to need more visits to the dentist, say researchers.

Passive Smoke Damage to Children Measured
Children who were exposed to secondhand smoke had much higher levels of chemicals in their blood which suggested their blood vessel walls could already be under attack, recent research finds.

Secondhand Smoke Increases Complications in Children with Sickle Cell Disease
Research finds hat children with sickle cell disease who are exposed to tobacco smoke in the home have more complications from the disease than those who live in a smokefree environment.

Secondhand Smoke and Childhood Illness and Disease
Effect of prenatal and childhood exposure to secondhand smoke.

Secondhand Smoke and Children
Articles and factsheets on secondhand smoke and children.