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Australian Garden History Society
Organisation of people with an interest in the various aspects of garden history - including horticulture, landscape design and architecture. Journal and garden events summary.

Canoe Plants of Ancient Hawaii
Guide to the plants carried by early Polynesian voyagers in their canoes - history and traditional uses for each of two dozen plants.

Cultivating Canadian Gardens
Tells the story of the development of gardening in Canada by indigenous peoples and settlers, through the books, periodicals, and printed materials collected by the National Library of Canada.

Fruits and Flowers of Winter
Archive of an exhibition with items from the Mertz Library’s rare books and archival materials. Includes orangeries, hothouses and botanical drawings.

Garden History Links
History of gardening links from Edwinna von Baeyer's Web pages.

Garden History Matters
Toby Musgrave shares some of the remarkable, quirky, bizarre and human stories that makes garden history so enjoyable.

Gardening History Timeline - From Ancient Times to 1800
Noteworthy Publications, Persons, and Events in the History of Gardening. Including some Related Information from Agriculture, Natural History, Botany, and Ecology. By Michael P. Garofalo

Gardens of the Mughal Empire
An interactive journey through twelve Mughal Gardens including Shalamar. You can hear music and follow in the footsteps of the ancient Mughals on a processional path from Hiran Minar to Mian Mir.

Gothein's History of Garden Art
Complete text of the 1913 book is available online here. Detailed accounts of European gardens, added later material on North America, brief accounts of the rest of the world.

Landscape History
A categorised collection of images and photographs of gardens and landscapes in a number of designs.

Museum of Garden History
Located at the restored church of St Mary-at-Lambeth in London, the museum offers activities and lectures. The churchyard includes a recreation of a historic knot garden.

Our Vegetable Travelers
A history of garden vegetables, originally published in National Geographic (1949).

Parks and Gardens UK
Database of historic parks, gardens, and designed green spaces of the United Kingdom, with descriptions and historical information.

Spirit of Gardening
Quotes, proverbs, articles, history, humor, links, and resources for the gardener.

The History of Gardening Timeline
An account of gardening from ancient times to the twentieth century organized by time periods with links to supplementary information.

The History of Gardening: A Timeline from Ancient Times to the Twentieth Century
List of years and gardening events/people, with links to other resources.

Thomas Jefferson Center for Historic Plants
Collects, preserves, and distributes historic plant varieties.

Timothy Mowl
Architectural historian presents his series of county guides to the historic landscapes and gardens of England, biographies, and other studies.