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Eneabba Walkabout
Problems with the technological enhancement of natural radioactivity and about 1,000 'radiation-related' links to about 170 countries

Health Physics
Journal of the Health Physics Society. Provides abstracts and information about online subscription, services and author submission materials.

How Stuff Works: Nuclear Radiation
Tutorial on ionizing radiation and how it affects all living organisms.

Ionising Radiation and Health Risk Analysis
Simple to understand and user-friendly introduction to basic radiation concepts and health risk assessments.

Ionizing Radiation Risks
Estimates of exposure to low-level ionizing radiation and related topics by Wolfgang Kohnlein.

Multi-Agency Radiation Survey and Site Investigation Manual (MARSSIM)
Read or download this US government comprehensive resource on conducting radiation surveys and investigations at potentially contaminated sites.

NEWNET: Neighborhood Environmental Watch Network
Access radiological and meteorological data from monitoring sites in New Mexico, Nevada, Utah, Alaska, and Mississippi.

New Jersey State Radiation Protection Programs
Information on state radiological regulatory programs, radiation safety in medicine and the environment. Nuclear reactor safety in New Jersey and related topics.

Nick's World Collection of Radiation Links
Large collection of 'radiation-related' links (not all of them very radiation-related) from all over, organized by country. Also a technical paper on technological enhancement of natural radioactivity (TENORM).

Discussion, study materials, and employment information for workers in the nuclear power industry, primarily geared towards Health Physics Technician / Radiological Control Technicians (RCT).

Radiation Information Network
Idaho State University site provides information on radiation and its effects and the professions of Radiation Protection.

Radiation Safety Resources
Resources in health physics and radiation safety. Focus on radiation cleanup standards and risk of low level radiation.

Radiation and Health Physics
Information and links from the University of Michigan health physics students.

U.S. NRC Radiation Protection
Nuclear Regulatory Commission information on health physics topics, dose standards and emergency response.

Useful Radiation Safety Sites and References
Directory of websites with information on radiation safety, (both ionizing and non-ionising); advice on radiation protection; and links to UK legislation.