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Manufacturer of reverse osmosis and various water systems for residential, commercial, industrial and sea water desalination applications.

ARIES Division of Resintech, Inc.
Ultra high purity water filtration systems.

Absolute Ozone
Manufacturer of equipment to create clean, disinfected, safe water for human consumption with virtually no off tastes or colour.

Advanced Water Systems
Suppliers of water purification equipment. Provides details of the product range which includes iron filters, softeners, reverse osmosis, ozone and UV systems.

All Water Purification
Provides information to help members of the public make informed choices when considering water softeners, purifiers, filters and treatment.

Analytical Testing Corp.
Designer, manufacturer and supplier of TCLP equipment for industrial, commercial and government laboratories. Equipment lines include rotary agitators, zero headspace extractors, TCLP bottles and other equipment.

Developers and distributors of biological water purification, sterilisation and disinfecting treatments. These include drinking water puification, swimming pool treatment without chlorination and waste water treatment.

Bottled water dispensing system.

Aquabon Ecowater Systems
Water softeners, reverse osmosis drinking water systems.

Offers drinking water fountains for schools, colleges, sports facilities, workplaces and public amenities.

Offers custom made potable water treatment plants. In French, English, Portuguese and Spanish.

Avista Technologies
Offers water treatment chemicals for reverse osmosis systems and upstream pre-treatment equipment, including membrane cleaners, antiscalants, biocides, coagulants and flocculants.

Bionics Advanced Filtration Systems Pvt. Ltd.
Manufacturer of water purifiers, drinking water filters and industrial water purification equipment.

Culligan Philadelphia PA
Offers a range of water softeners and water treatment products including reverse osmosis drinking water systems, bottled and bottleless water systems, coolers, filtration systems and free water analysis.

Dagua, Inc.
Developer and vendor of prefabricated chemical-free drinking water treatment plants employing ozonation and membrane filtration. Describes technologies and their applications.

Danish Clean Water
Manufacturer of on-site disinfection systems for the food and water industries. Provides a company profile and details of the products and the technologies involved.

EC Engineering
Drinking water laboratory jar testing equipment, for conventional and dissolved air flotation treatment processes.

Eagle Spring
Manufacturer of water filters.

Eau Coolers
Drinking water systems for your place of work or home.

Environmental Express
Solid phase extraction, total suspended solids,and tclp equipment.

Equinox Products
Distributor of Equinox products.

Describes electromagnetic technology to remove scale from water.

HOH Canarias S.A.
Spain. Specializes in manufacture of patented reverse osmosis seawater desalination units, especially for hotels and beach resorts. Site explains process involved in obtaining regular supply of potable water.

HYDAN Co., Ltd.
Vietnamese manufacturer of water purification equipment.

Hawkins Water Tech., Inc.
Offers products and services that enhance the quality of water for household, business, commercial and industrial needs. Includes softeners, bottled water, and industrial treatments.

Hydrascale Water Treatment Products
Electrolytic water treatment products for reducing scale.

Ionics Fidelity Home Page
Ionics Fidelity distributes various water purification products such as water softeners, reverse osmosis systems for homes and businesses.

Manufacturer and supplier of electrodeionization components. Describes their water purification system, provides a product catalog, product documentation, training, explanation of testing and rebuilding services, a knowledgebase, and detailed examples of applications using their products.

KFS Water
Fleck controls, ozone, wyckomar uv sterilizers, filmtec membranes, autotrol controls, DI, and deionization.

Lake Industries
Residential and commercial water filtration devices.

Limnology Research Corporation
Technologies for environmental research and monitoring.

Liquid 4 Life Systems
Offers drinking water cooler, filtration and purification systems in South Australia.

Meckow International Limited
Manufacturer of MECKOW Aquapur, a water purification system which can transform contaminated water from non-saline sources into safe, clean drinking water.

Nilson Direct
Air filters, water conditioners, and hardware.

Norland International Inc.
Bottled water equipment, for the water industry.

North American Aqua, Inc.
Treatment equipment for residential and commercial water filtration, including environmental remediation.

Ohio Pure Water Company
Wholesale distributors of water treatment systems.

PCI Membranes
Offers the Xylem brand of membrane filtration systems for the production of potable water.

Pacific RO Products
FilmTec membranes, Ametek, Matrikx, and Purtrex filters.

Pioneer Water Solutions
Provides plant for treating drinking water, waste water and industrial water and equipment for treating packaged drinking water.

Pure Planet Waters
Offers a 9 stage water filtration system. Includes information on the process, the benefits and the models available.

Purifiner Water Quality Control Systems
Sales, supply and manufacture of water treatment equipment for the residential and commercial market place.

Quantum Filtration Medium Pty Ltd
Developer of an advanced catalytic water filtration system for removing iron, manganese and arsenic through catalytic oxidation and retention of precipitate.

RSE Projects
South Africa. Manufactures purification and filtration equipment for wine and water treatment industries. Applications include desalination, deionization, softening, and volatile acidity reduction.

Russel Mainstream Supply Ltd
Supply of instruments that can measure dissolved oxygen, conductivity, temperature and turbidity for water purification, ground and effluent water testing and wastewater treatment activities.

Solar Water Plant
Water evaporator plans.

TSA Process Equipments Pvt.Ltd.
Design and manufacture of reverse osmosis systems, high purity piping, water distribution systems, pressure sand filters, softening units, demineralization plant and activated carbon filters.

Offers Tarn-Pure, a copper-silver water ionization system for control and prevention of Legionella and other waterborne pathogens.

The Water Guys
Manufacturers of commercial and residential reverse osmosis water systems, water softeners and related equipment for the treatment of problematic water.

UNIHA Water Technology
International engineering and contracting company offering desalination, city water and industrial water treatment and a biological purification process for waste water.

Universal Water Systems
Water purification equipment solutions.

Vitalized Water Products
Developed of a water processing technology that eliminates common hard water problems, removes and prevents scaling, minimizes chemicals, reduces bacteria and produces an oxygenated, living water.

Water Distillers Wholesale
Water distillers buyers guide. Wholesale sales of distilled water filters.

Water Tech Industries
Point-of-entry water filtration.

Waterwise Technology Ltd.
Provider of water treatment systems using ozonation and other nonchemical processes.

Westfall Mfg.
Supplier of water treatment components for original equipment manufacturers.

World Water Resources
Offers desalination, reverse osmosis and dissolved air flotation water purification systems for commercial and industrial needs.