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Bowstring Books
Excerpts from Sterling an Peggy Seagrave's works, which focus primarily on Asian history and the history of Asian diasporic peoples.

Bridge House Books
Books that feature true events and real people from the historical American West.

Caratzas Books
Provides an electronic catalog of Melissa International Publications on Classical medieval and Byzantine studies, modern Greek history and culture.

Europa University Press
Publisher's sales, including the book Days of Famine, Nights of Terror: First hand accounts of Soviet Collectivization 1928-1934.

Little Miami Books
History, reference, and genealogical books for the professional and family historian.

Queens-Haven Publications
"The Bare Bones" of English History and Royal Family trees; includes extracts, pictures and family trees from the books.

R. James Bender Publishing
Books related to German Third Reich and US history with an emphasis on uniforms, medals, awards, organization and acoutrements.

The History Carper
Provides documents related to the formation of the United States of America. A blog about Torah, theology, history, politics, and marriage in the Bible.