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Aging and Death in Folklore
Examples divided by subject.

Backcountry Death Ways
Recounts how beliefs about death and dying brought by colonists from the Northern British Borderlands survive in the Chesapeake region and North Carolina.

Bali Royal Cremation - photos by Max Buten
Description and pictures of Balinese cremation ceremonies.

Death and Afterwards
Very interesting account of a Greek Catholic Baltic Finnic people's beliefs in death, omens of death and the afterlife.

Funeral Customs in Yunnan Province, China
Describes funerary practices in a Chinese village.

Funeral Customs of the Northern Khants
Funerary practices of a West Siberian tribe in the last quarter of the 20th century.

Orkney Islands
Rituals of death and burial.

The Call of Yama
Website exploring death according to Hindusim. Includes answers to frequently asked questions, and a photographic exhibit.