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Alliance for Excellent Education
Advocates for at-risk middle and high school students by promoting increased education funding and high school reform to help make every child a graduate.

American Society for Ethics in Education
Dedicated to exposing corruption and illegal practices in public schools. ASEE also serves as a forum to uncover unethical practices by unions.

Articles by Larry Phillips
Various articles on education and education reform, including the standards movement, school based management, and school councils.

Center for Public School Renewal
Provides information on how more educational freedom-of teachers to teach, parents to choose, and the public to know- will improve public schools.

Coalition of Essential Schools (CES)
Works to create and sustain equitable, intellectually vibrant, personalized schools and to make such schools the norm of American public education.

EDUTRUE: Education Reform From the Top Down
Offering different perspectives on education reform issues, including original essays, quotations, relevant links, and suggestions for student-driven reform.

Grownup Training - Forbes.com
Essay advocating that students should spend two years after high school getting some 'training' on how to behave and think like a grown up before going to college. This would enable them to know why they want to go to college, how lucky they are to be in college, and what they want to be 'when they grow up.'

Essays by novelist/educator Bruce Price on education, language, and cultural issues.

NPR : Testing Scandal in Texas Schools
Houston schools have been implicated in a cheating scandal after test scores in some Texas school districts made suspicious leaps. An inspector general is investigating at least 23 schools. Questions arose in 2004 after The Dallas Morning News found strong evidence that educators were helping students cheat at nearly 400 schools statewide. [5:12 streaming audio broadcast]

National Association for Prevention of Teacher Abuse
Presents information and documents teacher abuse in the public schools across the US with the intent to force reform. Details actual experiences of abused teachers.

National Center for Restructuring Education, Schools and Teaching
NCREST supports restructuring efforts by documenting successful initiatives, creating reform networks to share new research findings with practitioners, and linking policy to practice. Teachers College, Columbia University.

Project Appleseed
A non-profit national campaign to improve public schools by increasing and organizing parental involvement in all 15,000 public school districts in the United States of America.

Schlechty Center for Leadership in School Reform
Committed to assisting school districts in building the capacity needed to support change at the school and classroom levels.

The Lancasterian Monitorial System of Education
Joseph Lancaster (1778-1838) led a movement to establish schools that used what he called the Monitorial System, in which more advanced students taught less advanced ones.

Thomas B. Fordham Foundation
Supports research, publications, and action projects of national significance in elementary/secondary education reform, as well as significant education reform projects in Dayton, Ohio and vicinity.