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Changes in High School Grading Standards in Mathematics, 1982-1992
A research report that concludes no inflation occurred over the duration of the report. Includes a free download.

Grade Inflation: The Current Fraud
Study by M. Thomas and William Bainbridge finds prevalent inflation in poor performing schools.

Analyzes data from around the United States over time.

Jacksonville.com: Thousands of Students Victims of 'Grade Inflation'
Covers experiences of change in the expectations of students.

MSN: Don't Worry About Grade Inflation
Article by Jordan Ellenberg argues that trends in work can be examined over several years.

NPR : Harvard Grade Inflation
Student's grades at Harvard University have soared in the last 10 years. According to a report issued Tuesday by the dean of undergraduate education, nearly half of the grades issued last year were A's or A-minuses. Linda Wertheimer talks with Susan Pedersen, Dean of Undergraduate Education and a Professor of History at Harvard University, about grade inflation. [4:39 streaming audio broadcast]

NPR : Princeton Takes Steps to Fight 'Grade Inflation'
NPR's Anthony Brooks reports on how Princeton University is taking steps to reverse the trend of so-called grade inflation. [3:41 streaming audio broadcast]

NPR Talk of the Nation : Grade Inflation
The faculty at Princeton University recently decided to limit the number of 'A' grades. Join NPR's Neal Conan and guests to discuss grade inflation and possible remedies to it. [32:49 streaming audio broadcast]

NYTimes.com: Harvard Committee Works to Restore the Honor of the B Plus
Addresses grade inflation issues at Harvard over the years. [Requires free registration to view.]

The Christian Science Monitor: Grade Inflation Is Not a Victimless Crime
Explains that students need an accurate synopsis of their performance.

The Curse of the Easy A
A brief essay on the damage that grade inflation or making a class too easy can create.

The Dangerous Myth of Grade Inflation
Covers the inaccuracy of statistics in comparison with the 1970s. Also compares rising scores to falling SATs.

The Guardian: Inquiry Into Exam Grade Inflation Claims
Covers the systamatic reduction of standards on the GCSE to return better results.

The Initiative to End Grade Inflation
Proposes an alternative numerical system for higher education. Covers teaching techniques, problem discussion, and plans of action.