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Committee for Education Funding
The nations's largest non-partisan education coalition representing over 100 organizations who advocate for increased federal investment in education funding at all levels.

Greater Educational Opportunities Foundation
Educates parents about school vouchers, tax credits, tax deductions, elementary school scholarships, private schools and public schools. Located in Indiana and Colorado.

The Folly of an Education Spending Race
Heritage Foundation Backgrounder criticizing current use of public education funds and offers public policy solutions.

U.S. Education Spending: 1999-2000 (2002 data)
Nearly $373 billion were spent on public education in the United States for grades prekindergarten through 12 in school year 1999-2000, according to 2002 data from the U.S. Department of Education.

eSchool News
Provides news, resources, and services to the educational community. The funding section lists resources for educators and students looking for financial resources.