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US Domestic Terrorism
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Counter Terrorism
Features reports from US State Department Annual Terrorism Report. Reports include security improvements, sanctions and prevention techniques.

Extraditions/Renditions of Terrorists to U.S.
United States Department of State provides a list of extradition/renditions of terrorists to the U.S. from 1993 to 1998

First Monday - Uncloaking Terrorist Networks
Peer-reviewed paper looks at mapping covert networks using data available from news sources on the World Wide Web.

Library of Congress Federal Research Division: Terrorism and Crime Studies
Official reports including the September 1999 'The Sociology and Psychology of Terrorism: Who Becomes a Terrorist and Why?' study. [PDF]

PBS FRONTLINE - Son of Al Qaeda
Story of a young Canadian who grew up with bin Laden's children, and was himself groomed to become a terrorist. Instead, he became a CIA informant.

PBS FRONTLINE - Target America
An overview of the development of militant Islamic movements since the 1980's, with a chronology of terrorist acts against Americans and the government's response over the past two decades.

PBS FRONTLINE: Al Qaeda's New Front
Has materials on Al Qaeda today, overview of major terror plots and arrests, special reports, discussions and FAQ.

PBS Frontline: Hunting bin Laden
Video clips and accompanying text from investigative documentary on the suspected terrorist mastermind.

Psychology of Terrorism
A psychological analysis of terrorist and suicide bombers.

Rand - Countering the New Terrorism
Find an online version of the publication examining origins of attacks against civilian targets and future trends.

SATP - Assessment India 2002
Find information, data and analysis on terrorism and low intensity warfare in India.

Terrorism: A Modern Scourge
Outlines the history of terrorism and ways to combat it in the future.

The Global Rise of Religious Violence
A review of Mark Juergensmeyer's book "Terror in the Mind of God".

Thinking About Terrorism
Article from The Atlantic on the discussion of terrorism being dominated by two stereotypes, both of which inhibit effective action.