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Biological Weapons and Bioterrorism
Information on biological weapons, their use in conflicts and terrorist attacks and countering them.

Bioterrorism Preparedness and Response
With guide to agents, diseases, and other threats, lab information, emergency preparedness for business, preparation and planning, and surveillance.

Bioterrorism and Cults
Browse through news, resources and archives on bioterrorism, including documentation of use by religious cults.

Center for Biosecurity
Analysis, research, and recommendations to improve national policy and practice related to bioterrorism, biodefense, and public health emergencies.

Center for Infectious Disease Research And Policy (CIDRAP)
Updated daily with news and clinical information about bioterrorism. Hosted at the University of Minnesota.

Chem-Bio Resource Center
Information, handbooks, FAQs, and documents released by the U.S. government and other organizations related to chemical and biological terrorism.

Improving Local and State Agency Response to Terrorist Incidents Involving Biological Weapons
Planning guide prepared by the Department of Defense to improve the responses of federal, state, and local agencies to emergencies involving biological and chemical weapons.

NOVA/PBS - Bioterror Guide
Includes a timeline of Biological Warfare, a global guide to bioweapons, and an interactive feature on how vaccines are made.

Survival in Chemical Warfare
Describes how to survive a chemical weapon attack.

The Daily Beast - Sarin, Nitrogen Mustard, Cyanide & More: All About Chemical Weapons
Amid reports of a new attack in Syria, Kent Sepkowitz breaks down the weapons’ types and their effects.

U.S. Food and Drug Administration - Bioterrorism
Collects links to information on bioterrorism from federal and other authoritative sources.