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Black, Hugo Lafayette
Blackmun, Harry A.  
Blackstone, William
Brandeis, Louis D.  
Cardozo, Benjamin N.  
Chase, Salmon Portland
Darrow, Clarence
Dershowitz, Alan
Hand, Learned
Harlan, John Marshall
Holmes, Oliver Wendell, Jr.  
Jay, John
Marshall, Thurgood
Roman Law
SCOTUS Justices
Stevens, John Paul
White, Byron
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A Century of Lawmaking for a New Nation
United States Congressional documents and debates from 1774-1873.

A Century of Lawmaking for a New Nation
U.S. Congressional documents and debates from 1774 - 1875.

H-Law Discussion Network
List covering teaching and research in the history of all legal traditions, although participants generally focus on common-law and other Western systems. Information about the American Society for Legal History, an archive of postings, book reviews and a substantial selection of well-annotated links.

History of Law
Overview of the development of law in various nations and time periods.

LONANG Library
Presenting historical writings in the natural law tradition.

The Forgotten Memoir of John Knox
Excerpts from the memoir of a Supreme Court clerk who served the notorious Justice James C. McReynolds during the year that FDR threatened to pack the Court.

The Legal History Project
Promoting an understanding of legal history.

The Women's Legal History Project
Detailed biographies of over 100 early women lawyers and judges.

Western Legal Tradition
Web links to resources on Western law, from ancient Mesopotamia and Egypt through 17th century England.