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Area 51
Articles covering subjects such as UFOs, Bigfoot and ghost hunting.

Coast to Coast AM
Radio talk show. Features articles, photographs and videos. Lists upcoming guests.

Freak Lore
Topics covered include demons, angels, Bigfoot and ghosts.

Ghost Files Singapore TV
GFS is a reality web television paranormal series created by Noel Boyd and stars himself along with his team of Singaporean paranormal investigators. The team investigates different reputedly haunted locations across Singapore.

Ghost Theory
Daily paranormal news stories presented from a skeptical standpoint on topics including UFOs, ghosts and cryptozoology..

Categorised into conspiracies, spirits, secret societies and metaphysics. Includes articles.

It's a Strange World
Categories include UFOs, spiritual, ancient history and myths and legends. There's also a section for assorted photographs.

Monstrum Athenaeum
Articles on subjects such as werewolves, zombies and vampires.

Next Inform
Articles gathered from the internet including conspiracy theories, science and politics.

Nineteenth Century American X-Files
Unusual and often unexplainable events scanned from the pages of 19th century American periodicals.

Subjects include ghosts and UFOs.

Paranormal Docs
Ghost and crime documentaries offered.

Paranormal News
News, articles, and documents of the paranormal. Gathered and updated daily.

Paranormal Stories
Paranormal stories and news.

Categories include black-eyed children, cryptids, UFOs, ghosts and entities. Contact form and newsletter.

Phantoms and Monsters
Close encounters, paranormal, cryptid, conspiracies, extraterrestrial and other interesting news events.

Real Unsolved Mysteries
Thousands of real unsolved mysteries submitted by real people around the world. Read, add and comment about these stories.

Soul: Ask
Articles covering topics such as ghosts, cryptozoology, conspiracy theories, space, the apocalypse and the bizarre.

The Gralien Report
Weekly news, analysis, and podcasts that feature UFOs, mysteries, and unexplained phenomenon.

The Paracast
Broadcast on GCN Radio. Archives, community forum, profiles of the cast and a contact form.