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BellaOnline: Computer Games
Game reviews, walk throughs, contests, weekly articles and links.
Free online games for women. Includes personality quizzes, contests and prizes.

FJK stands for Female Jedi Knights. This is an all women Star Wars Role Playing Game.

A website driven by (mostly) women who enjoy videogames.

Female Assassins
Female only game clan with a Myspace page and two forum sites.

Gamer Girls Unite
For girl (women) gamers, many game related features: stories, forum, downloads, reviews, girl gamer of the month, creative ideas.

Gamer's Intuition
An online resource by women, for everyone who loves video games.

Girl GameZone
Directory of game links and game resources for female gamers, news, reviews, and online community.

Girl Gamers
Blog with a focus on women gamers and topics of interest.

Girlz Clan
An all-female gaming clan that specializes in Half-Life and Counter-Strike online gaming. Custom skins/ models color sprays.

Josie Nutter: Gothy Anime Girl
Just a gamer-geek girl fascinated by the age of technology. Personal information, photos, artwork, video games, freelance web design, gothic fashion, Seattle.

Live Action Role Playing
This group is dedicated to the Women in LARPing. Discuss, give advice, relate stories and share topics that concern women who are GM/ST, writers, players, cast, techs, and game widows.

Psychotic Men Slayers
Xbox live girl gamer's clan. Playing: Rainbow Six 3, Counter Strike, Splinter Cell: Pandora's Tomorrow, Unreal Championship, and Return to Castle Wolfenstein and Halo2.

Time 2 Game
A game review and news site created and maintained by Tammy Smith. T2G reviews games, discusses the gaming industry, and posts information about local gaming news (Denver, CO).

Tribe: Game Girls
Tribe for female gamers and game designers.

United Female Gamers Forum
Video game industry interviews, news and reviews from a female gamer's point of view.

Video Game Girl Ring
WebRing (since 96) for girls who play videogames. The ring includes sites dedicated to console and/or arcade games.

Wargaming Women
Vent your frustrations or find a sympathetic ear before you go back out and take on the men at their own game again.

Woman of CTW
Members of this Clan come in all flavors. Ages 12 to 50+. Occupations range from student to systems engineers homemakers to auto mechanics worldwide.

Women In Gaming Open Mailing List
This mailing list, open to men and women alike, is dedicated to the discussion of women in role playing games - how to get them to play and issues that they face.