Pyramid Solitaire:

How To Play: You must select pairs of cards that total 13. All number cards are worth their number, while an ace is worth 1, a jack 11, a queen 12 and a king 13.

You can click on the single card at the bottom of the screen, or any card in the pyramid that is completely uncovered. You must select pairs that add up to 13, except in the case of a king, which can be clicked individually.

You can click on the deck of remaining cards at the bottom left to turn over a new card to replace the single card at the bottom of the screen.

You score points for any cards removed from the pyramid. You get 3 points for any removed off of the row at the bottom of the pyramid, then 6, 9, 12, 15, 18 and 21 points for cards from the other rows.

You can deal another hand at any time. It costs 52 points for each deal. Your score keeps adding up until you press Submit. Then you can submit your score and start a new game with 0 points.