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 Why should you use 100 Search Engines?
We often get asked, "Why should I use 100 Search Engines as my homepage and not Google, Yahoo or Bing?"

100 Search Engines is safe, fast and easy - the best private search engine on the Internet. Explore all the benefits of using 100 Search Engines and why you should use it as your homepage. See why millions of users like you, use it every day.


Well you can use any of those other search sites, we even list them, but with 100 Search Engines you will be able to search the entire Internet. We don't believe that Internet users should be limited to one site but should have access to many sites. You might miss something using those individual search engines and some of them are confusing and hard to use. Removing the confusion and making it easy to search the Internet that is what 100 Search Engines is all about.


We even make searching more secure for you. How do you ask? Here is an example: Suppose you do a search for "bank of america" on the other search sites you will be presented with a list of web sites and you might accidently click on a link in that list that is not Bank of America - it may be a dangerous web site. If you type in "bank of america" on 100 Search Engines, you will be automatically directed to www.bankofamerica.com. We have built a search algorithm that will take you directly and securely to that web site. 100 Search Engines gives you peace of mind knowing that you will be on the web site you expect and not some dangerous web site that could steal your banking information or cause harm to your computer.

Another example. To access your Facebook account you type in "facebook" on search sites and you will be presented with a list of web sites. On 100 Search Engines just type in "facebook" and you will be taken securely and directly to www.facebook.com our algorithm determines your intention to logon to the Facebook site and not read about Facebook.


100 Search Engines displays numerous news headlines from the most relevant and newsworthy sources on the Internet. Our News headlines are updated in real-time and we present them to you in an easy to read format. Some of our news providers are: ABC, CBS, CNN, Computer World, E!, ESPN, FOX, People, Reuters, Sports Illustrated, Slashdot, Sporting News, USA Today, and WebMD. Go ahead and check out our News right now.


100 Search Engines provides a banner free environment that makes it easy to use. We want you to have a clean and easy-to-use private experience. We never use any tracking cookies so you can have even more peace of mind knowing that what you do on 100 Search Engines is totally private.


Want to play a game? Just click on our Games and play one of our many ad free games. No download required.


We have a Popular Internet Sites section that enables you to get directly to your favorite web sites in just one easy click.

We regularly update our What's Hot section to keep you informed of the current trends on the Internet.

Get your local weather, movie times, radio stations, driving directions, email, travel info, stock quotes, and peruse our global directory of millions of Internet web sites.


Don't just take our word for it, read below to see what some of our users have said:

"Thanks for making the internet less confusing" - Anne M.,Chicago,IL

"I just love it" - Mark E.,San Jose,CA

"I ditched the big boys for this site, wow, is all i can say" - Sandy R.,Austin,TX

"My husband and I love your site, my grandson plays the games on here too" - Hillary B.,Baltimore,MD

"This is my favorite site, I use it on my home computer, my iPhone, and my iPad" - Dennis F.,Denver,CO

"Easy, easy, easy...." - Lori, C.,Memphis,TN

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"Perfect, Perfect, Perfect.... please don't change a thing..." - Sammy W.,Orlando,FL

"I tell all of my friends about this site, I tell them to get it." - Gary V.,Vienna,Austria

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"Keep up the good work..." - Andy H.,Cincinnati,OH

"It just runs smooth" - Eve R.,Rochester,NY

"I feel confident in using your site - you always listen to my feedback. Thanks." - Patricia D.,Indianapolis,IN

"The other search engines track everything I do, I like yours better!!!!" - Michael A.,Tempe,AZ

"I rely on this site for everything." - Barb V.,Philadelphia,PA

"This site truly is great, I wish I knew about it earlier" - Robert W.,Vallejo,CA

"The key to this site is it's easy to use interface, I find what I need!" - Mary P.,Wilmington,NC

"I would be so lost on the Internet without this web site. I think its awesome!" - Lucas S.,Sanford,NC

"My 3 kids love the games, for me, I just find all I could ever need. Thanks!" - Vicki D.,Dallas,TX

100 Search Engines is fast, easy and free and will be your favorite Internet starting point.

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